About Our Firm

Chinable IP was established in Beijing in 2009 and is a foreign-related intellectual property agency approved by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). After more than ten years of stable development, Chinable IP has become a large-scale comprehensive intellectual property service organization. Chinable IP has established Beijing Chinable Law Firm and branches in eight key cities including Shenyang, Nanjing, Jinan, and Xi’an. Chinable IP has also established deep relationships with hundreds of firms around the world.


Chinable IP has more than 200 employees, including patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, lawyers, patent engineers, management secretaries, etc. The professional fields of Chinable IP cover electronics, communication, computer, physics, machinery, chemistry, biology, medicine and other technical fields.


The agent team of Chinable IP combines theory and practical experience, and is well-known in the industry for strong capabilities to handle cases and overseas patent and trademark applications. For many years, Chinable IP has served top domestic and foreign companies, well-known universities, research institutions, etc. Chinable IP has not only represented tens of thousands of applications filed with the CNIPA, but also represented a large number of intellectual property applications filed in countries around the world, and handled hundreds of intellectual property disputes and lawsuits, thus effectively safeguarding the rights and interests of domestic and foreign clients.


Chinable IP is honored to be able to provide intellectual property services to the world’s most visionary companies and individuals.


The intellectual property rights are being carried forward in China. Chinable IP will continue to make unremitting efforts with high-quality case handling capabilities and high-quality service attitude to protect the intellectual property rights of domestic and foreign clients!