About Our Firm

Chinable IP has become a large IP service company since its founding. The main office is located in Beijing, and now Chinable has established 11 branch offices in the following cities: Jinan, Shenyang, Changsha, Chongqing, Xian, Ningxia. Chinable now comprises of more than 200 people, can use English, Japanese, Korean, German, and French as their working languages.

Chinable Intellectual Property devotes itself to the protection of intellectual property right, and makes its contribution to the healthy development of IP rights. It serves as an agent for both domestic and foreign clients, and does its most to provide services in various IP related business, including patent, trademark and copyright etc.
All our founding partners are well experienced in Chinese intellectual property laws, as well as intellectual property laws in major foreign countries. They are leading practitioners of patent system in China with many years' experience of huge volume of patent persecution and infringement litigation cases covering almost all technical fields, including mechanics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, medicine, computer science, telecommunications, semi-conductor, electrics & electronics, physics, etc. Our partners and associates are in good command of English, Japanese, Korean and German among their major working languages.